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At present our product selection has been expanding. Besides our Beginning and form Tai Chi DVDs by international Tai Chi instructor Patrick Martin, we now carry Jade Dragon Tai Chi t-shirts and books by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. You can purchase our products online or call 1-928-522-3693(Monday – Friday from 8AM to 5PM MST.)

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Staying Strong with Tai Chi: A Beginners Guide

In this program, filmed at Marshall Lake and along the Verde River in Northern Arizona, Patrick teaches the basic foundations that apply to all the styles of Tai Chi and Qigong. The right habits are essential to mastering Tai Chi. This is why Patrick takes the time to explain the three key elements and four principles of relaxation. These keys and principles are essential for cultivating the internal energy known as Qi. This expert instructional Tai Chi program is designed to motivate and inspire you. It will help you to focus your mind and balance your body. It’s packed with a beginners dream for learning Tai Chi. You will practice warm up exercises with Patrick, learn the meaning of the ancient Tai Chi symbol known as Yin and Yang, and be shown how this concept is applied in the Tai Chi movements. You will also learn the basic foundations that will accelerate your learning Tai Chi, and then Patrick will take you through a detailed instructional of each posture in the 32 postures set, composed from the best Tai Chi and Qigong forms. And finally, you can practice the complete 32 postures Staying Strong with Tai Chi 20 minute workout with Patrick which you can access immediately in the main menu. ©2011

DVD Features

  • Warm Up Exercises
  • Three Key Elements and Four Principles of Relaxation
  • Yin and Yang Philosophy
  • Basic Tai Chi Foundations
  • Detailed Instructional for Workout
  • Staying Strong with Tai Chi 20 minute workout

This program is great for all levels.

Patrick has workshops that teach Staying Strong with Tai Chi. For more information, please CLICK HERE.

One DVD, Total: 150 minutes, $39.97 + S&H

Jade Dragon Tai Chi T-Shirt

The Jade Dragon Tai Chi T-shirt is a Next Level T-Shirt available in Cardinal Red.
The Next Level T-Shirt is Short sleeve and 100% Ring-Spun Combed Cotton Jersey.

Women’s: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Men’s: Medium, Large, X-Large

NOTES: Women’s T-Shirts run small. We are currently out of Men’s Small and 2XL T-Shirts.

$18.00 + S&H for a Small to an X-Large. Additional $2.00 for 2XL.